Electric vehicle policy pakistan 2021- pakistan EV-Policy and Criticle analysis

On 22 December 2020, the Federal Cabinet of Pakistan approved the Pakistan Electric Vehicles Policy 2020-2025. Also known as the (Electric vehicle policy pakistan). It is a rebel step by the Government of Pakistan. UNEP recognizes the efforts made by Pakistan against climate change. Because Pakistan aims to play a vital role in combating the climate changes issue.

In the Modern era, the automobile industry is on the way to transformation. The World is rapidly moving towards an electric mobility revolution. In the coming few decades, Modern battery-backed systems will replace the typical vehicles. So combustion engines will replaced wtih environment-friendly engines.

Electric vehicle policty pakistan impact on climate change:

As we know that conventional vehicles with fire in engines (FFV’s) are imposing a significant burden on environmental degradation. Because they add concentration to envirment through hydrocarbon . Resultantly the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day.

Climate change, especially global warming is now becoming a great challenge for the whole world. World is now taking this issue seriously after long time of ignoring . All countries are taking necessary steps to overcome the issue of climate change. Different orgs are working in this regard. These includes Government firm and different private NGOs.

What other countries are doing in this regard:

Many countries announced that they are going to impose a ban on FFVs. There will be no more production and sale of FFVs in near future. Countries from Europe, Norway, and the Netherlands plan to impose a ban on the sale of FFVs by 2025 to 2030.

Similarly, France and the UK have planned to ban such vehicles by 2040. Some other countries like China, Germany, and the US States also have the same plan. Their plan is to penetratie of environment-safe electric vehicles instead of burning engines.

Pakistan EV Policy will help to fight agiant climate change:

Like other countries of the world, the government of Pakistan is also taking steps on the issue of climate change, especially global warming. Pakistan Govt plants Millions of trees and it encourage people to plant more trees as they can.

Govt will replace thermal power Energy production with other nature friendly methods. These inculdes solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower enery. So these enery prodution method will reduce the burning of focil fule as much as possible.

Approving the EV Policy of Pakistan is a great step by the Government of Pakistan. It will help to fight against global warming and climate change issues. Electric vehicles are nature friendly. Also, one other benefit of Electric vehicles is that they are free from noise pollution. By 2030 Pakistan will replace 30% of their usual FFVs with electric vehicles.

Key points in Electric Vehicles Policy 2020-2025 (Electric vehicle policy pakistan EV policy)

There are Key points of Electric vehicle policy pakistan (EV policy):

  • Removel of customs duty and additional sales tax on the import of 4 wheels electric vehicles.
  • Only 1% sales tax on locally made electric vehicles ( power up to 50/kwh).
  • Also 1% sales tax on light vehicles (power up to 150/kwh)
  • Import duty on the import of batteries and charging equipment is reduced to only 1%;
  • Federal Excise Duty (FED) will not be applicable of the making or sales on EVs
  • Only 1% tax on the import of electric vehicles parts.
  • The would-be no registration fee
  • No annual renewal fee for electric vehicles producer in the ICT sector. and
  • There would be no custom duty on the import of plant and machinery.

Conclusion of discussion :

We can see the significant efforts made by the govt of Pakistan to promote locally build electric vehicles. EV policy is FED and Custom duty-free. Very little amount of tax i.e 1% is imposed as a sales tax and importing the parts. So there is a great opportunity for local inventers. They can take benefit from this Tax-free EV policy. So they can also contribute to the revolution transforming the automobile industry.

Recently the Govt of Pakistan issued a license to Jolla Electric. Which a leading industry of Pakistan in the field of locally manufacturers of Electric vehicles. Especially is deals with Electric bikes. On dated 08.07.2021, start ceremony of jolta electric was held.

PM of pakistan Mr. Imran Khan launched the first locally made electric bike by Jolta Electric. Pakistan start building local vehicles and this business will grow rapidly.

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