How to check electricity bill payment history and bill payment status

Electricity bill payment history

In the article I am going to explain the method to check your electricity bill  payment history. Also we will discuss how it will help to take steps for reducing your bill. Moreover i will share a step by step guide to check electricity bill payment status. So you can confirm your bill is successfully … Read more

Electric vehicle policy pakistan 2021- pakistan EV-Policy and Criticle analysis

Electric vehicle policy of pakistan

On 22 December 2020, the Federal Cabinet of Pakistan approved the Pakistan Electric Vehicles Policy 2020-2025. Also known as the (Electric vehicle policy pakistan). It is a rebel step by the Government of Pakistan. UNEP recognizes the efforts made by Pakistan against climate change. Because Pakistan aims to play a vital role in combating the … Read more

What are electricity peak hours(wapda peak hours) and electricity peak off hours(wapda peak off hours) in the Electricity bill?.

Electricity peak times and peak off times

In different months of year Lesco defines different specific hours. When the demand of electricity is too high and electricity usage goes on its electricity peak hours. Because at night  this demand and supply gap, the per unit price of Lesco got increased to a specific amount. Peak hours are usually between 6:00 PM to … Read more

lesco bill unit rates 2021(ELECTRICITY TARIFF)

lesco bill unit rates 2021

lesco bill unit rates 2021(ELECTRICITY TARIFF) If you are looking for lesco bill unites rates of 2021  or you want to know the updated peak timing and peak off timing of lesco company along with the updated tarrif of peak timing and peak off timing then you can find all these information on this post. … Read more


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