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Welcome to at fesco online bill page. Here you find all information about fesco bill online check. If you are living in the beautiful city Faisalabad, definitely you use the electricity and pay bills every month.If you are here to fesco online bill check then you are at the right website. Which helps you to find your fesco bill online.Here you find all useful information.

In wapda bill fesco page.You will find the easiest way to check fesco bill online (fesco ka bill check karne ka tarika). Also you find a complete guide to fesco new connection,fesco unit rates 2021, Online Complaint guide, Fesco bill calculator services etc. Just stay Here…

About Fesco bill :

Few years ago there was no way to check fesco bill online. If the bill was lost there is no more way to get a duplicate fesco bill or pay fesco bill. People must worry if this problem happens but, in the modern era everything is possible. So you can easily access your fesco bill on line. Faisalabad Electric Supply Company introduced a service So we can access our bill online.

Every month the fesco bill is at your door because the fesco distributor also comes to your door and gives you a fesco ebill. And you also pay for it but, the problem is that if the distributor does not give you a bill. Or you are out of the city for any problem and you do not see your bill. Or any other reason and you receive your bill at the last date and you feel difficulty in arranging money. Then you can fesco bill online check and pay. You will get all the information here for fesco online bill check. Here is a step by step guide to get a fesco bill print or fesco bill duplicate copy.

Not use energy but fesco bill receive:

Yeah, it is possible because there is a fixed amount of bill fesco. It is different for commercial,residential,home etc.. You can get your fixed bill amount from your bill taxes.So if you not use 1 unit of electricity but you will pay the bill.

Guide to fesco bill online check | How to check fesco bill online 2021 | Pitc fesco e bill :

If you want to fesco online bill check. Then first you will find your reference number and enter in offical website of fesco. And click on the search button you will see your fesco consumer bill.
Follow these steps to check bill online fesco :

  1. Click on Button
  2. Find reference number 
  3. Enter reference number

Click on Button:

Click the following button to online electricity bill check fesco.If you click on the button you will be on the pitc fesco bill website.

Find fesco reference number:

The Fesco bill reference number is located in the top left corner of the bill. A lot of people search for fesco bill with old reference number. But there is no old fesco reference number. If you feel some problem in finding your reference number then the given below picture is for you.

Fesco reference number-min

Enter fesco reference number :

After finding your reference number you will enter your reference number in pitc website. When you click on the button the input box will appear and you will enter a reference number in the input box. The picture is below showing how to enter a reference number.

Fesco enter referencen number

Guide to print/download fesco bill | how to print or save fesco bill online :

After find your reference number if you want to save your duplicate bill fesco. So just you follow these steps to fesco bill print or save as pdf.

Fesco bill print Guide:

Click on print button:

print bill button

Select print bill and select page layout, pages:

fesco bill print online

Click on save button:

print button

Fesco bill save as pdf guide:

Click on print button :

print bill button

Select save as pdf :

fesco bill save as pdf

Select pages and layout :

Fesco company facilities:

Fesco helpline:

Address: Faisalabad electricity supply company west canal abdullah pur,
Telephone :+92- 41- 9220184-9220229
Fax No: +92 – 41- 9220233
Customer Contact Us

Fesco bill sms service:

If you want to get your fesco dublicate bill copy on your mobile via sms. Fesco launched a new feature fesco bill sms service.Then you will enter your reference number and mobile number in the website. Click the button below to register sms alert.

The picture below guides you on how to enter your reference number and mobile number.

Fesco sms alert service

Fesco bill history:

So you can easily check your fesco ebill history. Because it will appear you can easily see this.

Fesco bill history
Fesco bill history

Fesco unit rates:

If you want to check the fesco new unit rates. Then click the button below and read the commercial,resdenation etc fesco unit rates 2021.

Fesco new Connection:

If you want to apply for a new connection of fesco. Then click the below button and the fesco applies for a new connection.

This image shows the new connection form of the fesco company. Here you can track your application by giving your application number and can check its status.

Fesco new connection

Fesco Load Management schedule :

You can check the fesco load management schedule of every year by clicking the following button. Here is the always updated schedule of the fesco company. You can ready it every time.There is a circle vise load management schedule.So You can check every circle here. And consumer vice schedule.

Load mangement fesco

Telephone Directory:

In the telephone directory you will find all numbers of workers,officers etc. IF you want to know more about this click here to get detailed information of telephone directory.
You can access phone number with following :

  • By Name(نام سے)
  •  Designation(عہدے سے)
  •  City(شہر کے نام سے)
  • Ist Circle
  • IInd Circle
  • Jhang Circle
  • Sargodha Circle
  • Mianwali Circle

Click the following button to check now.

Fesco Jobs:

You can check the latest jobs by clicking the button below. Here you can click on every text link and it will open in a new tab.

Picture below showing jobs in 2021.

Fesco jobs 2021

Fesco Customer Complaints Management System:

If you want to complain regarding the fesco company. Click the following button.Here you can check the status of your complaint And lodge a new complaint and others. The following picture shows the complaint management system.

Fesco complain online

Understand Fesco bill:

When you see your fesco e bill.You will find your reference number and customer id at top left corner of your bijli bill fesco.There is meter reading of your current month displayed. Below this Bill history appears. You can see your fesco bill history in the bill history section. Monthly vise appears,amount and units. Below this the bijli bill tax appears. If you want to understand your bill as a professional click the following button.

Fesco Net metering:

Net metering service was launched by nepra. Net metering in simple words means that anyone produces energy that is above its use. He can sell energy and earn money.Top net metering is a solar system which is free to use. If you have a large system of solar panels you can sell your energy to the government of Pakistan and it will give you profit.
For Learn More click the following button.

Fesco bill calculator:

If you want to calculate your fesco estimated bill. Then you can easily calculate your fesco bill here.If you want to calculate your bill you can click this button and calculate now.The following image shows how it works and how it shows the unit and price. The image is below.

About Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company (Fesco)

Fesco has approximately 4.62 million customers. This company is launched by nepra in 1997.It responsible to supply electricity to the following districts:

  • Faisalabad
  • Sargodha
  • Mianwali
  • Khushab
  • Jhang
  • Bhakkar
  • T.T singh
  • Chiniot

Fesco is one of the best electricity supply companies in the whole of Pakistan because its performance is excellent . It’s main service zone is Faisalabad, known as Manchester of Pakistan for its wide-stretching textile industries.