1: Click on the button to mepco check bill:

You can easily check your bill by clicking the following button. Click this button to check your bill.

Check Now

How to find mepco bill reference number :

So After clicking on the button “check now “ the second setup is finding a reference number of mepco.The mepco bill reference no on the top left corner mepco bill.You can easily find it but, if you feel difficulty in finding reference number then this image will help you to find the reference number.

Mepco bill reference number

Enter reference in official website :

A lot of people are searching for a mepco bill check by reference number.So if you want to know how to enter mepco reference no in official website. Then read this paragraph and see the below picture.

Enter mepco reference no in offical website

After this you will click on the submit button and then you can see your mepco bill copy.

Click on print button:

After seeing your mepco bijli bill online if you want to save or mepco duplicate bill print.
Follow these steps to save or print your bijli bill.

  1. Click on print button.
  2. Select save or print.
  3. Click on save button
Click on save button

Click on print button in offical website of mepcoMepco Peak Hours:

Mepco recommends to its users or consumers to decrease use of electricity in the peak hours which help to lessen your bill. So There are peak hours in specific months.But if you use the electricity in peak off hours it will not increase your bill.

From April to October the time is                  6:30 PM to 10:30 PM
From November to March time is                  6 PM to 10 PM

Mepco New Connection:

So If you are looking for a new mepco connection and you want to apply for a new mepco connection. Then you are at the right website which helps you to apply for a new connection.

Apply Now

Mepco bill check by meter number:

You can’t check your bill with a meter number but you can  mepco bill check by reference number. If you feel difficulty in finding your reference no then you can see the picture that are at upper paragraph.

Where to pay mepco bill | Mepco electricity bill online payment:

You can easily pay mepco bill online and offline.So There are a lot of ways to mepco electricity bill payment. Some are below.

Ways to mepco bill pay online:

So You can easily pay your mepco bill by following apps or website.

  1. Easypaisa App and website
  2. Jazz cash App and website
  3. All banks apps and websites

Ways to pay mepco bill offline.

So you can pay mepco bill offline:

  1. Commercial banks
  2. Post office
  3. Bill accepting shops
  4. Easypaisa shops
  5. Taxes in Mepco bill.

Mepco bill calculator:

So if you are here to mepco bill calculator.ThenYou can easily calculate your mepco wapda bill by entering your unit in the website input box by clicking here. The image below shows the workings of the calculator.

Calculate Now

Mepco bill calculator

About Multan Electric Power Company:

Mepco stands for Multan Electric Power Company. MEPCO was incorporated on 14th May 1998. This company is responsible for supplying electricity to Multan and its surrounding areas. In the south area of pakistan.

Areas under Multan electric power company ( Mepco):

So The multan electricity power company is responsible to supply electricity listed below areas.Mepco is the largest electricity supply company in pakistan because it have a lot of users in 13 districts.

Mepco bill complaint:

So if you are here to compalain about mepco you can compalin by these number.

For all types of complain use this number to complain. 0800-63726